The Story

The Message
Gameday Coffee is a positive and encouraging movement of families seeking to prepare the next generation to lead; it’s a premium brand of farm direct, locally-roasted coffee with a mobile cafe; and, its the first corporate sponsor of Beyond: a youth mentoring system that includes leadership assessments, mentoring curriculum & seminal events.

As a delicious brand of coffee and mobile cafe, Gameday Coffee is tastefully Serving Beyond by giving 50% of its profits and 100% of your onsite donations for Beyond scholarships through Youth Mentoring Initiative (YMI), a 501c3 focused on youth mentoring.

The Gameday Coffee movement promotes intentional, purposeful, one-on-one time between parents and children.  These conversations of courage can take place over a simple cup of coffee on the day of a game, match, performance, recital or meet.  We can put on a gameface and aggressively take what we want or earn, or we can be grateful for the oportunity to put on a “gameday smile” to positively change the world with a joyful heart and a willingness to serve beyond our own personal satisfaction or benefit. 

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The Start

Gameday Coffee began as a movement when one father decided to invest in quality time with his son.  On August 22, 2014, Todd Melloh intentionally scheduled time on his calendar with his son, Luke, to discuss the topics of life on the morning of his first start as a varsity football player.

This ritual took place every game day morning.  Todd’s practice expanded with scheduled times with his sons Evan, Graham and Hudson.  With the challenges and opportunities that each day brings, Todd recognized that game day is every day.  That is why Todd and his wife, Carrie, began to regularly schedule a time to discuss their most intimate thoughts on big topics, making Gameday Coffee a family tradition.  

The Melloh family also organized annual gatherings to provide words of wisdom to high school football players.  These gatherings were supported by many individuals, organizations and businesses.  NFL players,  Indiana sportscasters and coaches, successful business and church leaders have all contributed over the years.  The Gameday Coffee movement was shared through social media and inspired other parents to meet with their sons and daughters to listen, understand, encourage and advise them. 
Each week, parents continue to discuss with their children various topics that each faces on a daily basis.  Parents and children pray before their discussion, ask each other questions pertaining to that monthly topic followed by an activity and closing prayer.

The Expansion
Gameday Coffee expanded through an operating agreement between BTHorizon, LLC (owned by Todd Melloh) and This Truck Works LLC (owned by Rene and Amy Longoria) for the specific purpose of creating a sustainable fundraising vehicle for a youth mentoring system called Beyond.  Beyond includes leadership assessments, mentoring curriculum and seminal events.  Beyond is available to students G6 – G12.  Beyond My Sport under development.  In the agreement, This Truck Works is funding and operating the brand called Gameday Coffee.  This Truck Works agrees to give 50% of its pretax profits and 100% of any online or onsite donations by outside sources to BTHorizon or a designated 501(c)3 chosen by Todd Melloh.  Currently, Youth Mentoring Initiative (YMI) is designated to receive Todd’s proceeds as he is the Executive Director of the organization and the primary deliver channel for Beyond.

The Future
Gameday Coffee is actively seeking:
– Sponsors wishing to support youth mentoring through cause marketing
– Barista talent (or those wishing to become one)
– Placements (the GC cafe can serve indoors or outdoor, private parties or public events)
– Others (you know what you can contribute)